Harutyunyan: "No Contracts Determine Nation’s Status"


Friday, October 09

"I am deeply convinced, protocols are made quite roughly. It could be
made better without item of committee of historians," shared his view
Noravank Foundation’s head Gagik Harutyunyan wondering how protocols
in Armenian are absent on Armenian Foreign Ministry’s web-site.

Anyway, asked on the same question Armenia’s Foreign Ministry declared
that the protocols are already posted – since yesterday – and their
previous absence had been caused by technical problems.

We still live under times of bad contracts, thinks Mr. Harutyunyan, so
Armenian-Turkish protocols may become the basis for the same situation.

However, it’s not contract or agreement that determines the status
of nation. One shouldn’t overprize the value and importance of
protocols. If our national interests dictate us to have relationships
with Turkey then we must have."

In his opinion Armenian Diaspora should be loyal to nation’s interest
related to Armenia and Karabakh: "Anyway, Armenians must continue
their struggle for Genocide recognition, there is a wide field for
activities. However, without intellectual resources we can fail any
issue and item, so even with Turkey."

He also calls not to think that Diaspora whole has the same views,
and voiced concern on disagreement between Armenia and Diaspora which
can become Armenia’s greatest damage and Turkey’s greatest benefit.

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