MoD refutes the recurrent misinformation of Azerbaijan

Armenia’s Ministry of Defense refutes the recurrent misinformation of
26.09.2009 13:56

The Spokesman for the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan Eldar SabiroÄ?lu
came forth with a recurrent misinformation on September 25, where he
mentions that 10 Armenian soldiers have been killed during military
exercises over the past year because of bad management, and 76 soldiers
have refused to participate in the last military exercises.

In response to the false information of Azerbaijan, which has already
become a usual thing, the Defense Ministry of Armenia announces that
the information disseminated by SabiroÄ?lu is a complete lie. It has no
connection with the reality and is simply the result of the sick
imagination of the Spokesman of Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense.

The Armenian Ministry of Defense advices the military leadership of
Azerbaijan to get busy with the poor state of their own army and stop
the inhumane morals and manners instead of presenting the dreams for a
reality and spreading ridiculous lies.

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