BAKU: Crisis Inside Azerbaijani Opposition Can Further Deepen


Crisis inside Azerbaijani opposition can further deepen: Azerbaijan
Democratic Party chief
25 September 2009 [09:49] – Today.Az

Chief of Azerbaijan’s opposition party does not exclude that the
disagreement between the two parties – the founders of the movement in
which they are united , can further deepen the crisis within the

"The fact that Musavat Party puts hard conditions before Umid Party is
unacceptable. But what is happening today in the movement can further
exacerbate the crisis within the opposition. This is undesirable,"
Sardar Jalaloglu, chairman of Azerbaijan Democratic Party (ADP)
represented in the Movement for Karabakh and Republic, said.

Musavat Party, represented in the Movement for Karabakh and Republic,
has put condition before the Umid Party that the latter must withdraw
its representatives from the election commissions.

Chairman of Umid Party, MP Igbal Aghazadeh, in his turn, said that
this condition is unacceptable, not excluding party’s withdrawal from
the movement.

Jalaloglu said despite attempts to solve the problems between the two
parties, they have not yet yielded positive results.

"We do not consider right any party. But the leaders of Musavat and
Umid insist on their own. We must admit that for this reason, now a
serious problem appeared inside the movement," the ADP chief said.

He said all not all possibilities have been used yet to address the

"Our goal is to preserve the integrity of the movement and participate
in the municipal elections in this form, and withdraw opposition from
the current crisis," said Jalaloglu.

Movement for Karabakh and Republic has been established by Azerbaijani
People Front, Party of Citizen and Development, Liberal party,
Azerbaijani Democratic party, Musavat party, Umid party, as well as
several public organizations.

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