Will the ARF use coarse methods?

Will the ARF use coarse methods?

05:28 pm | September 24, 2009 | Politics

If this doesn’t lead to any outcome, we will use coarse methods," said
one of the participants of the hunger strike declared by the ARF, but
did not go into detail as to what kind of methods he meant.

The Dashnaks say that they are not worried over the fact that no state
official has approached them in the past nine days. The participants
of the ARF hunger strike are most offended by the television
stations. One of the participants, artist Musheghyan noted that only
"Yerkir Media" television has filmed and shown the strike.

"There is nobody to provide coverage of our concerns," said Anahit
Kirakosyan, standing in front of the government building with photos
of her son Andranik Hayrapetyan who was killed in the army.

"Serzh Sargsyan has turned television into his own show, but they
never show the protests of the parents of soldiers who died while
serving in peaceful conditions," said Anahit Kirakosyan.

Participants of the protest were unaware that the government held a
session yesterday and that no state official would hear their voices
today. "I came from Hoktemberyan and didn’t know that there was no
session. But I am here," said Mrs. Anahit.

Member of the Armenian National Congress, former political prisoner
Vardges Gaspar demanded that the government fulfill the resolution of
the European Court of Human Rights regarding "A1+" and open the
television station. "At least put up with one television network along
with the other 17," as stated on the sign held by Vardges Gaspar.

The Dashnaks are actually in good relations with the law-enforcement
bodies as they hold their protest. There were only two policemen near
the government building and they were mainly overseeing four or five
protesters, including parents of dead soldiers and Vardges Gaspar.

The Dashnaks informed that on September 27 their US-based organization
will organize a protest in front of the UN building along with the
Armenian Liberal (Ramkavar) Party and the Social Democratic
(Hnchakyan) Party.

Let us remind that the UN General Assembly is currently holding its
session and RA Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandyan has left for New
York to participate in the session.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress


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