Madrid Principles And Armenian-Turkish Protocols Consequences Of Mar


Armenia and Karabakh’s current state of affairs is not connected with
the dispersal of the rallies and the death of 10 people in downtown
Yerevan on March 1, 2008, said ARF-D MP Ruzan Arakelian, along with
Heritage Party MP Zaruhi Postanjian, during a press conference today.

According to Arakelian, ARF-D did everything that a political body
"concerned with the country" could do.

"I am not referring only to March 1 events; all this has very deep
roots," Postanjian said.

"A public, where they want slaves, where people have to be under
pressure and their rights violated, that comes out for rallies and
who is killed at the hands of armed forces, means that our state
and our leaders are not doing what they’re supposed to," Postanjian
said. In her opinion, it follows that neither are such leaders able
to protect their country’s interests on the foreign policy stage.

"That is why documents such as the Protocols and the Madrid Principles,
as well as Serzh Sargsyan’s latest interview to [Russian news program]
Vesti, are initiated," Postanjian said.

Postanjian also stated that one shouldn’t say that March 1 is not
connected with people’s freedoms.

"It is not connected with today’s topic," Arakelian corrected her
colleague, to which Postanjian responded by insisting that, in fact,
yes, it is directly connected with today’s topic.

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