Letter To Armenia’s Representatives In The US


Sep 23, 2009

Dear Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian, Ambassador Tatoul Markarian,
General Consul Grigor Hovhannissian, I would like to express my
concern regarding the Turkish Armenian protocols.

Accepting the current borders between Armenia and Turkey and agreeing
to take part in a historical commission discussing the Armenian
Genocide, signifies that Turkey is undermining the historic validity
of the Genocide. Therefore no reparations will be made and any hope
of getting Mount Ararat, the city of Ani, and rest of our homeland
back will be lost forever.

I find these protocols very detrimental to Armenia and the state of
Nagorno Karabakh. Although I along with millions of others Armenians
live in the Diaspora, I do not wish to see such decisions being
reached, because you cannot forgive your enemy until they admit their
crimes and make reparations.

Some might believe it is useless to wait for Turkey to recognize
the Genocide, because they never will. However I don’t think that
opening the border with Turkey will be the solution to Armenia’s
economic problems. As a descendant of Genocide survivors, I find
these protocols not only to be dangerous, but I find them insulting
to Armenians all over the world.

In a recently published article the Asbarez quoted Erdogan as saying
that, "The Diaspora does not bring any advantage to Armenia. On the
contrary, it takes away from Armenia."

On the contrary the Diaspora is always ready to help Armenia,
because it is not only the homeland for Armenians living there, but
the homeland for Armenians everywhere. It is with the help of the
Diaspora that we are able to build a new Armenia one step at a time.

These protocols are only beneficial to the state of Turkey, because
Armenia is freeing them from the pressure of recognizing the Genocide,
making reparations, and returning lands. We cannot let history repeat
itself and let Turkey fool Armenia through false pretenses.

If such protocols are passed, the consequences will be enormous. The
current policies and mentality of Turkish leaders today reminds us
of the Young Turks in 1915 and Ataturk in 1921. I honestly hope that
such risky actions will not be taken and the protocols will not be
passed. We have worked too hard and we cannot throw it all away and
let Turkey win.

Sincerely, Talar Kossakian 12th Grade Ferrahian High School


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