"There Are Some Forces Who Want To Fail The Normalization Process"


Sept 21 2009

In the Armenian – Turkish reconciliation process Armenia moves on
without any preconditions", – stated the President of Armenia Serzh
Sargsyan answering the questions of Sergey Brilyov, the announcer of
the "Saturday news" ("ВеÑ~AÑ~BÐ&# xB8; в Ñ~AÑ~CббÐ&#xB E;Ñ~BÑ~C").

The head of the country stressed that the initiation of the Armenian
side establishing bilateral relations is not a mere project, but
a step aimed at the formation of a relatively pliable atmosphere,
which can serve a basis for a dialogue between the neighbor countries
in the 21st century. S. Sargsyan has reminded that the first and the
second Presidents of the Armenian Republic had also appeared with
this initiation.

"Turkey also showed his initiation, but all these processes have been
failed. Today also there is no 100% guarantee that this process will
not fail too", – President Sargsyan said, mentioning that there are
many pessimists who want to fail this process. " I do understand that
both in Armenia and in Turkey there are forces that try to fail this
process. By the way these types of forces exist also in the third
countries. But in spite of the previous processes, I think that this
process has one advantage, this one is the most publicized and open
process that we have ever had with Turkey", – said the head of the
country and added that there is a hostility between the two societies
and a bid distrust, but this is the result of the historical reality,
the Genocide of Armenians in the Osmanian Empire.

"And if we be able one day to normalize our relations we will need the
political will of both Armenian and Turkish leaders, as well as the
participation of the society in that process. Our societies should
know about the details of the normalization process", – President
Sargsyan mentioned.

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