Ph. Hagopyan’s Exhibition Will Last Till September 27


Sept 21 2009

In the union of the painters was open the exhibition of the American –
Armenian painter Philip Hagopyan. It will last till the September 27.

Ph. Hagobyan was born in 1959 in the USA Massachusetts. Graduated
>From the Boston art university, his teacher was famous painter Frank
Meyson. His father is Armenian, mother American. They are 9 brothers
and sisters in the family. The painter says they all paint and play
music. Philip is not speaking in Armenian. His wife Naira told
that the painter has started to paint since 2 years old and the first
paintings have been dinosaurs, and in 12 he has had an exhibition
at school.

The painter has presented 40 works which look like collages, but
according to the author are new works of a new experimental style.

"I have started to do experiments 20 years ago. I was using my
imagination to create new unrepeatable works. The whole galaxy can
be included in our imagination", – said the painter.

In the Yerevan exhibition the prevailing are Armenian themes and
Armenian atmosphere. The painter has presented the culture of the
Urartu period using the "Hagopyan" style.

"It is 6 years already that I am painting in Armenian themes. I have
studied the Armenian culture, Urartu, as well the history of before
Christianity in Boston Library", – said Ph. Hagopyan.

Each year Philip Hagopyan has won many prizes. In 1981 the painter
has received the nomination of "the best new talent", in 1982 has
received the price of the "Best painter", in 1981-83 the "Best colors"
in the exhibition of the International painters.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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