Vahan Hovhannisyan: "We Are The Real Opposition"


Information-Analytic Agency
Sept 15 2009

18:05 / 09/15/2009Vahan Hovhannisyan, Head of the ARF parliamentary
faction stated that it is the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF)
that is actually the Opposition. He substantiates his statement by the
fact that the Yerevan Municipality prohibited ARF representatives from
staging a hunger strike in front of the office buildings of the RA
Government and RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whereas the Armenian
National Congress (ANC) was permitted to hold mass actions for five
days "on end." ‘This shows which one is the actual Opposition,"
Hovhannisyan said, making a traditional statement during the regular
four-day session of the RA Parliament. He must have forgotten that
several dozen rallies of ANC were prohibited while the ARF was in
the echelons of power.

Hovhannisyan also pointed out that the aim of the actions
(hunger-strike, sit-in, etc..) is to make the society awake and come
to realize the danger of the initialed Armenian-Turkish documents. "We
will try to get the dangerous points improved," he said.