Raffi Hovannisian And Khachatur Sukiasian Officially Put Down Deputy


SEPTEMBER 15, 2009

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 15, NOYAN TAPAN. RA NA deputies Khachatur Sukiasian
and Raffi Hovannisian submitted written applications on resignation
to the NA Speaker. NA Speaker Hovik Abrahamian stated it at the first
sitting of NA autumn session that started on September 15.

According to the NA Regulations, if within 15 days after resignation’s
publication deputies do not withdraw their applications on resignation
with a written application, their resignation will be considered
accepted. The protocol on stopping their powers will be sent to the
Central Electoral Commission in a five-day period.

It should be mentioned that Zharangutiun party founder and member of
the faction of the same name R. Hovannisian has been elected deputy
by the proportional system, by Zharangutiun party’s electoral roll. If
his mandate remains vacant CEC will hand it over to the next candidate
of party’s electoral roll. At present the next candidate on the list
is Movses Aristakesian who has been expelled from the party lately.

And non-partisan K. Sukiasian was elected NA deputy by the majoritarian
electoral system in 2007 from Yerevan electoral district N 10, thus
in a 80-day term after his mandate is vacant by-elections will be
fixed at that electoral district.

K. Sukiasian on September 7 spread a statement which, in particular,
read: "What happened to me and my deputy colleagues in consequence
of the RA National Assembly deputies’ position lacking principles
and unintelligible voting gives me a basis to come to the conclusion
that I have nothing more to do at this parliament and do not imagine
myself in the status of a RA MP, thus I put down my deputy mandate."

It should be also mentioned that K. Sukiasian is accused of the 2008
March 1 case. On March 4, 2008 NA sustained Prosecutor General’s
petition to involve him, as well as deputies Myasnik Malkhasian, Sasun
Mikayelian, and Hakob Hakobian as defendants and arresting them. On
September 2 K. Sukiasian being searched for presented himself to law
enforcers of his own free will, was arrested and set free on September
4 with the signature of not leaving the city.

R. Hovannisian has not publicly motivated his decision to put down
the mandate yet.

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