DAMASCUS: Armenian President visit to Syria is postponed until 2010

Syria News Station
Sept 13 2009

Armenian President’s visit to Syria is postponed until 2010

Armenia’s President Serzh Sargsyan has postponed a visit to Syria till
the beginning of 2010 due to his schedule. Head of the Armenian
Diplomatic corps at Foreign Ministry Livon Sargsyan (Armenian
President’s brother) told al-Watan paper last week that the Armenian
President’s visit which was due to be paid in mid-October postponed
due to his schedule.He noted that distinguishable relations between
Syria and Armenia enhanced after President Bashar al-Assad’s visit to
Armenia last June. Last week, Economy and Trade Minister Amer Lutfi
opened the Syrian-Armenian Businessmen Council’s meeting in Yarevan
where the joint investment and economic cooperation relations were on
the table. Mr.Lion Zaki who chaired the Syrian side in the council
said the Armenian side expressed will to export mineral water and
drinks to Syria’s market, to import cotton and raw materials, and to
open a showroom for marketing Armenian products in Aleppo and through
Internal Trade General Establishment. He said that he got
"permissions" to give a free visa to participants in the Syrian
products exhibition besides a discount on tickets and hotels’
bills. Around 120 participants are due to take part in the exhibition
to be mounted on October 1-4 in Yarevan .


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