A Battle In Ministry Of National Security Of Azerbaijan


Sept 4 2009

Gilan Asadov who is the deputy of the Minister of National Security of
Azerbaijan Eldar Mahmudov, wants to overthrow the Ministrer. According
to Azerbaijani newspaper "Azadlyg" the Ministry has bogged down in
wars and intrigues.

In order to become the Minister of National Security of Azerbaijan
Gila Asadov used all possible forces and resources. Such a great
desire to get the position is associated with the pressure on Eldar
Mahmudov from above after his mistakes and incompetence had posed a
serious threat to his career.

This is particularly associated with the recent scandal happened
after summoning and questioning the Azerbaijanis who voted for the
Armenian singers at Eurovision-2009.

Media reports caused a huge public outcry around the world and provided
that Azerbaijan who marks itself as a tolerant and democratic country
is actually the country that breaks human rights and freedom.

After this international scandal that spoiled the image of Azerbaijan
its Government asked for relieving Eldar Mahmudov from the position.

And the great fight for the chair started.

According to a source, the deputy decided to catch this opportunity
in such a favorable situation with support of his allies.

Vahid Ahundov, the countryman of Asadov, (both of them are Salyani
region-born), may use his personal relationship with President Ilham
Aliev to help Asadov to reach his dream. They say Ahunov and Asadov
are already acting decisively.

We can only observe who will win in this tangle of intrigues called
"The state system of Azerbaijan" and that their direct responsibility
in protecting the national security is not carrying out.

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