Streetwear Spotlight: ARKA Clothing

SoJones Asmara

Sept 3 2009 got a hold of a new apparel line, ARKA
Clothing. Established in 2009 by trio Shant Der Ashodian, Burag
Celikian, and Sevan Aliksanian, The Tarzana, California-based company
got its name from an Armenian word which means "to be the king of
all kings", as they feel that everybody has a leader within and can
contribute to the beauty of today’s world. Just how much are they
contributing to the streetwear world? sits down with
Shant Der Ashodian, owner of ARKA Clothing and gets the lowdown on
the up and coming clothing line.

Introduce yourself and please describe how your brand was started? And
what’s the story behind the non-toxic inks you use for your products?

We are three friends who grew up together in Los Angeles. Being in
such a big city, with so much diversity, we have always been exposed
to a variety fashion, music and artwork. We decided two years ago
that we wanted to display our artwork on T-shirts because people
love to express their thoughts and ideas through the clothing they
wear. We intend on having bold and thoughtful designs. The non toxic
(non-formaldahyde) inks we use were due to the fact that we recognize
the current global situation. Even though we are just one company,
we want to make others realize that with minimal effort, they can
make a difference for a better future.

What are your main inspirations?

All three partners were born in different parts of the world. Not only
have we exposed to the LA culture but also what we see at home. It was
only natural for us to blend ideas and concepts in order to make our
message clear to anyone who sees it no matter what their background.

What celeb or well-known figure(s) exemplify the brand?

We feel that somebody like Mos Def exemplifies our brand. From his
first album, Black on both sides, to his latest, Ecstatic, he has
always stayed true to his style. He always thought provoking lyrics
and the style to go along with it. He never compromised what he stood
for. We were intend on have eye-catching, bold designs, but we wanted
to make them relevant with a clever message. Also we did not want to
sacrifice the quality of our shirts. We made sure to use preshrunk
premium 100% cotton shirts.

Any product placements on celebs, in movies or videos to keep an eye
out for?

Currently we are featured in an indie movie "The Rise and Fall of
Armando Venezuela", a very funny mockumentary. We got the attention
of the film director, and he wanted to use our shirts in his movie.

Any expansion plans?

We want to expand our line with hoodies, jackets, and of course,
more graphic tees.

Looking ahead over the next year or two, what themes/looks/styles do
you see your brand gravitating to?

With our first line, we focused mainly on T-shirts for everyday casual
wear. We want to help urban wear evolve into a fashionable night time
attire in order to be versatile.

What themes/looks/styles do you see your brand moving away from?

As much as we enjoy using bold concepts and style, we still want to
maintain a classic style that somebody would appreciate years from
now. Our goal is to have longevity.

ARKA Clothing line is retailed for $29.99 for the classic
ARKAmedes classic logo tee and $39.99 for the rest of the t-shirt
collection. Featured below are the What’s On Your Mind tee, Doves in
The Chamber tee and Purple Octopus tee. Visit
to get the awesomeness.

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