Baku’s Authorities Concerned About Developing In-House Problems

14:15 31/08/2009

On 29 August a protest rally, organized by Azerbaijani-Americans
for Democracy (AZAD), was held in front of Azerbaijani Embassy in
Washington, DC, in support of the arrested bloggers Adnan Hajizada
and Emin Milli, foreign media reports.

According to the source representatives from different international
organizations attended the rally having the following slogans uttered:
"Free Azeri Bloggers", "Freedom for Adnan and Emin".

It’s worth mentioning that the rally participants in Washington
announced that the Azerbaijani authorities are not so powerful. They
ensure that all those arrests of bloggers and journalists are the
evidences to the fact that the local authorities are concerned about
the atmosphere of distrust among the local Azeri people and and loss
of international image.

A representative of Reporters Without Borders, Clothilde Le Coz,
attending the rally, has read a statement demanding the immediate
release of Adnan and Emin.

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