The Members Of A Dissolved Fact-Finding Group To Make Reports


Aug 27 2009

Seda Safaryan and Andranik Kocharyan, the members of the already
dissolved fact-finding group investigating the events on 1-3 March,
today called a press conference to inform that on August 24 they had
already introduced their fourth report to the acting committee on
the events of March 1-2.

Besides, the speakers said that one of the reasons for calling the
conference was to express their concern about the "hastiness of the
acting committee on preparing the report".

A. Kocharyan declared that they got the right of making individual
speeches according to the PACE resolution1677. Then, making abrupt
jumps, he introduced the works conducted by the fact finding group
and facts from the reports, introduced to the NA acting committee.

After the 30 minute speech, "details", "instructions and persuasions",
the reporters got the chance to ask questions to A. Kocharyan. Below
find some information about the 4th report.

"The Armenian National Congress had information about the 950
uniforms disposed to famous people, oligarchs, authorities, people
under supervision by one of the reserves of Ministry of Defense", –
said A. Kocharyan and told how they had got the information, how he
had carried out the "acting plan", how he kept it as a secret from
the other members and how their actions were hindered.

The conclusions of these steps are included in the 4th report.

A. Kochartyan said that they are inclined to make the 5th report
covering "the events of the March 1 morning", "law regularities"
and other questions.

Serzh Sargsyan signed an order on June 6 to dissolve "the fact finding
experts group and its actions".

As concerned to the extra materials, Mr. Samvel Nikoyan, the Chairman
of the Ad-Hoc Inquiry Committee, on June 8 called on everybody to
provide materials that would help to hold the investigation of the
events occurred on March 1-2, 2008.

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