"It Is Not The Time To Speak About Nakhijevan" A. Ayvazyan


Aysor, Armenia
Aug 26 2009

"Now it is not the time to speak about Nakhijevan. You cannot
negotiate on the one hand on Artsakh conflict, on the issue of nation
self-determination, and on the other hand on the returning of the
historical lands and invalidating the points in the Russian-Turkish
treaty (1921) concerning Armenia",-said Argam Ayvazyan, a public
speaker and a literary man, in the press conference.

As to Argam Ayvazyan, such experiments usually fail. As an example he
introduced the Nakhijevan issue discussions in 1998 on the initiative
of the former president of RA Robert Kocharyan and Vardan Oskanyan,
the former Minister of Foreign Affairs. According to him, "the result
was the destruction of the Armenian memorials in Nakhijevan, ruining
of the Armenian culture".

"We should lead a reasonable policy not harming the issue solution",
– outlined A. Ayvazyan, and added that Armenia has held a very passive
approach on the destruction of our culture".

"Up till now our Republic officially has not applied to
any international juridical instances for calling Azerbaijan
to liability. This is a very negative phenomenon in the RA foreign
policy, which will be prescribed to the present-day authorities, as we
will never be able to forget the cultural inheritance which has been
destroyed in front of our eyes, because of our being passive",-thinks
A. Ayvazyan.

He also stated that many social organizations and officials raised the
question in the international instances but were not consistent. As
to him, the reason is that "the issue was not raised officially, and
the social organizations are not competent enough to be consistent".

"Today Armenia is to get prepared to introduce the issues of Javakhk
and Nakhijevan properly if needed",-assured A. Ayvazyan.

A. Ayvazyan mentioned that Azerbaijan is leading a serious policy
in this sphere. As an example he stated "The Aliyev Family" fund
published materials on Artsakh and Nakhijevan and presented them to
international society".

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