NA Speaker Meets With Members Of NA Ad-Hoc Committee On Events Occur


Noyan Tapan
Aug 25, 2009

YEREVAN, AUGUST 25, NOYAN TAPAN. The RA National Assembly Speaker
Hovik Abrahamian met with members of NA Ad-hoc Committee on Events
Occurred on 2008 1-2 March and Their Reasons.

According to the RA National Assembly Public Relations Department,
the NA Speaker said that the regular term given to the Committee by
parliament’s decision expires on September 15 and he knows that the
Committee is ready to introduce a brief conclusion. H. Abrahamian
said that Committee’s work has always been in the center of his
attention. In his affirmation, the parliamentary Committee’s conclusion
should be exhaustive and unbiassed as far as possible, it should give
answers to questions set before the Committee by National Assembly’s
decision. He also said that Committee’s conclusion will be also
important for PACE as its last Resolution N 1677 stipulated that the
parliamentary Ad-hoc Committee’s report will make it clear whether
criteria of impartiality and trustworthiness are met, whether there
is a need of additional examination. According to Hovik Abrahamian,
Council of Europe’s evaluation is important, but the parliament
should be first of all accountable to our people and it is society,
political forces that expect exhaustive and reliable answers from
the National Assembly.

The NA Speaker in his speech said that he is also aware of the
difficulties the Committee had during its activity, he is aware
that not always state bodies, various officials in time and properly
responded to Committee’s applications and inquiries, they were not
always ready to come to the Committee and to answer the questions. "I
also understand that the answer of many of the questions set before
you by the parliament also directly concerns the work done by the
special investigation service as the parliamentary Committee is not
an investigation body and even if it wishes it very much it cannot
and has no right to surpass its powers." He also gave assurance that
the whole information accumulated during committee’s activity will be
presented in the unbiassed way in the final conclusion. The NA Speaker
also expressed willingness to listen to Committee members’ views over a
number of issues, in particular, over legality of policemen’s actions,
use of special means, clarification of death circumstances of ten
victims and over materials given by the fact-finding committee members.

NA Ad-hoc Committee Chairman, NA Vice-Speaker Samvel Nikoyan thanked
the NA Speaker for assistance. Mentioning that thanks to NA Speaker’s
support Committee’s work proceeded more quickly and efficiently,
Mr Nikoyan presented the work done assuring that the Committee will
present unbiassed and brief conclusion in the estabished term. The
Committee Chairman and members presented their views over questions
set by Hovik Abrahamian.

At the end of the meeting Hovik Abrahamian reiterated that confronting
the facts and information accumulated during the work the Committee
should give an unbiassed conclusion that will be reliable for society
and expressed his readiness for any kind of assistance and support.

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