Giro Manoyan Says Turkey Has Yielded

15:01 19/08/2009

"We are going to witness a hot season of political activities, as
finally, official Yerevan should define its disposition towards the
basic principles," Giro Manoyan, the head of Armenian Cause Yerevan
office told at news conference.

"I think that neither side will give a positive answer up to October
but who is going to be the first to say no, we should wait and
see. Neither side wants to be the first," politician said.

According to the expert Armenia should not wait until October and
announced about its dispositions and failing of negotiations as Turkey
has also failed them addressing certain preconditions to us. "Turkey
has changed the rules of the game just in the middle of it, hence the
negotiations are failed and stopped by Turkey for Armenia," he said.

Turkey wants to show that they have dialogue with Armenia and that
they don’t need a mediator but Armenia should alarm and recommend
pressures on Turkey. Since April 22 nothing is changed, even some
European experts say Turkey has yielded.

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