NKR: New Branch Of "Artsakhpost" Opened In Berdzor


NKR Government Information and Public Relations Department
August 15, 2009

On August 13, a new post-office of "Artsakhpost" was opened in Berdzor.

Representatives of the NKR high authority headed by the Prime Minister
Ara Haroutyunyan and inhabitants of Berdzor were present at the
ceremony of its opening.

In the post-office everything is done for the rendered postal services
be convenient and of a high quality, for which building conditions
are important as well. The structure, which has 32 employees, will
render not only multifunctional postal services, but a whole structure
of bank services too.

The same day the Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan has visited a number
of communities located in the northern part of Kashatagh region. These
communities have their specific problems, such as road construction,
supply of energy, possibilities of rendering credits, which are in need
of urgent solution. The problems of the communities are characteristic
to the resettled areas of Artsakh.

As in Tsitsernavank and Mushatagh in Yeznagomer as well in spite of
existing bright perspectives for land cultivation, the land users
face difficulties: inhabitants have no resources for the development
of the branch for the lack of agricultural techniques. This year,
for the first time, they had conducted ploughing and sowing and are
waiting for high harvest-35 centners from a hectare. Soon a number
of problems like the roads and agro techniques will be settled,-
the Prime Minister of the Republic had assured.

A.Haroutyunyan also visited the VI century temple of Tsitsernavank,
which is a spiritual places of pilgrimage of the sub region and
belonging to Armenians for centuries and today in the liberated
Armenian land is also the inhabitants’ patron.

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