The First Romania Nernational Film Festival

September 27 to October 4, 2009

The former Bucharest International Film Festival changes its name
and becomes the Romania International Film Festival. The first Ro-IFF
takes place in less than two months in the City of Arad.

The official competition – called CineBlackSea – focuses films that
must have been produced in either Russia, Republic of Moldavia,
Ukraina, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaidjan, Bulgaria,Turquie, Greece or
Romania. There are separate competitions for feature films as well
as short films and documentaries. CineBlackSea is meant to be a link
between countries that recent history kept apart in different social,
political and economic ways.

Like this, Bucharest transforms for nine days into a metropolis of
cinema and arts.

A competitive international section focuses on Women in Cinema –
competing are feature films and documentaries, directed by women. The
Focus will be dedicated to the opera of a special personality in film.

The programmers consider cinema as a mirror reflecting the needs
and mentalities of different societies. One of the main principles
of selecting films is drawing special attention to new filmmaking
including their own ways of expression. The aim is to promote talents,
to fight the cultural decay and to consolidate quality in culture,
arts and mass media.

After the festival in Arad the films will be screened in other Romanian
cities, such as Bucharest, Ramnicu Valcea and Mangalia. In 2010 the
program will move to Pecs in Hungary as a part of the initiatives of
the European Capital of Culture.

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