The International Youth Day

TODAY, 10:46

Today young people of different nations and civilizations are united
by the International Youth Day. By the decision of the UNO General
Assembly on December 17, 1999 August 12 was announced the International
Youth Day.

The International Youth Day comes to stress that the future of the
society is in the hands of the young people and they should be informed
and maximally integrated into the society for future developments.

On August 8-12, 1998, a resolution proclaiming 12 August as
International Youth Day was adopted by the first session of the World
Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth, which was hosted by the
Government of Portugal in cooperation with the United Nations (Lisbon,
8-12 August 1998). International Youth Day aims to promote awareness,
especially among youth, of the World Program of Action for Youth.

It was on August, 2000 when for the first time the International
Youth Day was celebrated.

Armenia is not only celebrating the International Youth Day
but also is keeping the youth in the center of the Government’s
attention. Periodically different and substantial events are being

One of the vivid examples of youth events is "Baze" pan-Armenian
gathering, the pan-Armenian youth conferences as well as pan-Armenian
games. All these events are realized by the initiation and support
of the government and are intended to unite first of the youth of
Armenia, Diaspora and Artsakh.

Within the frameworks of these events is worth mentioning also the
program "Ari Toun" ("Come Home"), which gives an opportunity to the
Armenian young people to get acquainted with Armenia and make friends
with the youth living here.

The problems of the youth, the questions of making their future
more prosperous are put in front of any state who wants a strong and
undefeatable society and statehood. The youth is the motivating power
of any society.