Stanley Jordan Dreamt To Be In Yerevan

11.08.2009, 16:27

Suzzan Bridestan, the responsible for the cultural events in the
U.S. Embassy to Armenia, today at the press conference expressed her
happiness about Armenia hosting Stanley Jordan and his band.

"Here we have hosted many musicians, dancing groups during the last
years. It provides us the opportunity to appreciate and value each
other. The musical programs are extremely exciting, as music plays
really very great role in culture",-she said, mentioning that they
are going to invite Stanley once more as the excitement was more
than expected.

This is Stanley Jordan’s first visit to Armenia. He convinced that
he is very happy because his dream came true.

And he has dreamt about visiting Armenia since 1988, when the terrible
earthquake struck Armenia. The guitarist mentioned that he had always
wanted to recover the Armenians, who suffered the earthquake.

The band had a concert in "Malkhaz" jazz club yesterday evening.

"We had great time. The musicians accompanying us were unique. I am
very impressed. It is very important to produce jazz in an artistic
way, and also all this is should be realized as an amusement. I had
a chance to meet one of the musicians, Vahagn Hayrapetyan, in the
USA long ago. I was giving an interview in the radio station, when
Vahagn with another musician came to radio, as they liked what I was
telling. At our meeting I could not even imagine how talented he is",
-added Jordan.

Edi Baratini, playing percussion instruments, is also impressed with
Armenia. He mentions that he has got many American-Armenian friends,
and he has always felt that they are alike. He also liked Armenian
air and atmosphere.

It is also great honour for Jick Boner, the bass guitarist, to be
introduced to a new culture.

"My first acquaintance with Armenia was in 1991, when my son was
born. At the moment he was coming into this world, we were listening
to Jivan Gasparyan. That music was coming out of my soul", -mentioned
Boner, hoping that the present will enjoy their music.