Specialist Says Lack Of Information About Labor Market Brings To Its


Aug 11, 2009

YEREVAN, AUGUST 11, ARMENPRESS: Certain specialties in secondary
professional educational establishments – handicrafts, tourism,
information technology – continue presenting interest for graduates.

Gagik Aghbalyan, head of the Armenian Education and Science Ministry’s
preliminary and secondary professional education department, told
Armenpress that the number of applications in the professions of
service sector is bigger. They have demand in the market and each
year 60-70 % of graduates of this sector find jobs.

G. Aghbalyan said that many applications have been received in
economics, accounting and in engineer specialization the places have
not been filled.

"Of course, it does not mean that in the labor market there is no
demand for engineers and constructors. We just still have a tendency
of choosing fashionable professions and many are guided with that
mentality," Aghbalyan said.

Director of the Center of Professional Orientation of Youth affiliated
to the Armenian Labor and Social Affairs Ministry Haykuhi Gevorgyan
said the center has conducted polls in Yerevan schools among 1337
pupils which showed that the majority 11% preferred doctor’s
specialization, 10% wished to become economist, 8% chose to be
programmer and 7% wanted to become attorney.

About 3.6% of the pupils wished to become athlete, cooker, jewelry
maker, musician.

Gevorgyan said while choosing the professions the pupils take
into consideration stereotypes, authorities existing in the
society. Besides, there is a lack of information about the labor market
which brings to the unbalanced situation in the labor market. Director
of the center said it is necessary to created serious preconditions
for applying specialization orientation system in schools.