H Koundakjian at AGBU Center – A peek through a photojournalist lens


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Harry Koundakjian at the AGBU Center – A peek through a
photojournalist’s lens.

The AGBU Glendale/Pasadena Chapter is proud to present a unique photo
exhibition of renowned photojournalist Harry Koundakjian’s most
captivating photos. A very special narrative will be presented by
Mr. Koundakjian on Friday September at 8:00PM, providing the audience
with the exclusive opportunity to peek through a photojournalist’s

Harry Koundakjian, also known affectionately as `Harry the Horse’
began his professional career in 1952 at the Beirut French language
paper, "L’Orient" and its sister Arabic language publication `Jarida’
while also freelancing for such publications as Time, France-Soir,
Paris-Match, The London Times and more. In 1967, he joined the
Associated Press (AP) – the world’s largest news gathering
organization, and was then appointed chief of the Middle East photo
staff in 1969. In 1979, Koundakjian moved from Beirut to New York City
and took on the post of International Photo Editor.

Over the span of his very successful career, Koundakjian’s shutter has
captured everything from wars to world leaders, natural disasters,
royal weddings, terrorist hijackings, politicians, entertainers and
Armenian related issues – all on an international platform. He has
been the recipient of many prizes among which the World Press Photo
Award and the APME Plaque. His insight is unique, his perception
exceptional and his experience unparalleled.

With an amazing portfolio of photographs spanning half a century of
dedication to the world of photojournalism, Koundakjian, although
retired from the AP, continues to contribute as a member of the United
Correspondents Association with affiliations to both `Aztag’ and
`Al-Anwar’ publications. His photographs are forwarded daily to all
major Armenian publications around the world.

The exhibit will stay open through September 13, 2009 at the Boyajian
Hall of the Alex Manoogian Center at 2495 E Mountain Street in
Pasadena, CA. For detailed information, please contact the AGBU
offices at (626) 794 7942.

Established in 1906, AGBU () is the world’s largest
non-profit Armenian organization. Headquartered in New York City, AGBU
preserves and promotes the Armenian identity and heritage through
educational, cultural and humanitarian programs, annually serving some
400,000 Armenians on five continents.