Armenian Political Scientist Finds MG Co-Chairs’ Recent Statement Pr

Armenian political scientist finds MG Co-Chairs’ recent statement provocative

12.08.2009 14:58 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Since 2006, media has made a habit of discussing
statements made by OSCE MG Co-Chairs, trying every time to get at
the heart of their reasons and purposes, political scientist Sergey
Shakaryants told a news conference in Yerevan.

"I wonder if MG Co-Chairs have authorized any of mediators to speak
on behalf of all others," Armenian political scientist said.

"It’s the fourth year I have been asking, ‘why seven regions?’ "
Shakaryants said, adding that some of regions are not fully controlled
by RA Defense Ministry.

"Besides, Armenian side insisted on Lachin’s having a certain
status, since the territory does not form part of security zone,"
the speaker said.

Even if they speak about returning regions, their number cannot exceed
four or five, because Co-Chairs clearly stated that Kelbadjar’s issue
should be dealt with separately, political scientist stressed.

"If Armenia makes no response to Co-Chairs’ statements, new concessions
may be imposed on us in future," Sergey Shakaryants noted.