Good Education, Good Job

13:26:34 – 11/08/2009

Serge Sargsyan met with the students, who were given scholarships
from the "Luys" foundation. The students entered a number of famous
universities of the world. The Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan
also took part in the conversation.

Serge Sargsyan congratulated the students for their success. He
noted that such an opportunity has been a dream for many youths,
which came true today. Serge Sargsyan stated that the possibilities
of the Luys foundation are increasing, and it is planned that this
initiative will be an example for analogue projects.

The students wondered how Serge Sargsyan imagines the future of the
students, who got scholarships from Luys, as even in case of good
education, a good job is not secured.

Serge Sargsyan stated that now there is a big problem of lack of good
cadres. Serge Sargsyan handed certificates to the students and wished
them luck. The press office of the president informs.