Galust Sahakyan: No Changes Pending


Information-Analytic Agency
18:47 / 08/10/2009

Galust Sahakyan, Armenian Republic Party (ARP) faction leader, ARP
Deputy Chairman, stated there are no changes expected in foreign or
domestic policy in fall this year.

Commenting on Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s statement there would be
significant changes in fall this year, Sahakyan told "I
am definitely unaware of Ter-Petrosyan’s statement, but can claim
that nothing will change by fall in terms of politics. There are no
political grounds for that." ARP expects positive economic changes
in fall. "There is forecast, that seems realistic."

As to question whether changes in Karabakh peace process will
be to Armenia’s benefit or detriment, MP said: "Neither to benefit,
nor to detriment. Negotiation process conduces to favorable conditions
for us."