Come Home Program Dairy: August 7


Noyan Tapan
Aug 10, 2009

Visit to Vazgen Sargsian’s Military Unit

YEREVAN, AUGUST 10, NOYAN TAPAN. Participants of the Come Home
program who are in Armenia within the framework of the 2nd stage of
the program, visited on August 7 the Yerevan History Museum, National
Gallery, Genocide Museum and Tsitsernakaberd Memorial Complex where
they laid flowers at the memorial to Genocide Victims. The young
people were given possibility on the same day to visit the Military
Institute after Vazgen Sargsian as well. They were greeted here by
the military detachment headed by Colonel Mekhak Hakobian.

The Colonel himself represented the Institute’s military unit, told
about the Armenian soldier’s army life, accompanied to the soldiers’
bedrooms, mess-room. The boys were interested in everything connected
with the soldier’s everyday life, and Razmik and Gari Badalians
who has come from Georgia even expressed a wish to serve at the
Armenian Army. Chief of the Military Institute Museum Gevorg Minasian
represented the boys and girls the details of the Artsakh fight for
freedom, presented the flags seized by Armenian fighters

According to the information of the web-site of the RA Ministry of
Diaspora, the most interesting thing was prepared for the guests
at the educational subsidiary building of the Institute: senior
lecturer, Lieutenant-Colonel Samvel Mkrtchian presented models of the
engineering technics, showed a video film about military aircrafts
at the anti-aircraft difence auditorium.

The Armenian young people also visited the intercommunication
professional, military information, emergency states auditoriums,
shooting preparation chair, took photos with soldiers. As Vahe Asatrian
who has come from the Czech Republic confessed he has much listened
about Armenian fighters, their heroic deeds but has never imagined
the conditions where they lived during their service.

Before the guests’ leaving the Military Institute, the soldiers
presented many-coloured roses to the girls arrived in the Homeland.