"Sure, All Our Expectations Come True"


Monday, August 10

Serzh Sargsyan The speech of the President of RA Serzh Sargsyan made
at the opening ceremony of the fifth competition of FIDE Grand Pri
"Jermuk 2009" dedicated to Tigran Petrosyan’s 80th anniversary is
provided by the press office of the RA President.

In his speech the President of RA mentions: "Dear MR. Ilyumizhenev Dear
Chess Players Dear Guests I greet you with pleasure in Jermuk. Today
Armenia hosts a chess championship, which can be rather creditable
for any country. For people who love, appreciate and understand chess
such competitions become celebrations.

The attention of world chess players and chess fans will be
concentrated on Jermuk for coming few days. All expect good,
high-qualified game, interesting competition, and I am confident all
our expectations will come true.

Besides all these, this competition has an important mission. It is
dedicated to Tigran Petrosyan’s 80th anniversary, the ninth chess
champion of the world. Tigran Petrosyan is more than a chess giant
for us. He is the symbol of our nation’s dignity, one of the brightest
personalities of our long history.

Tigran Petrosyan proved that Armenian chess can and must have serious
achievements. His victory, his success in sport brought up many
generations. After Tigran Petrosyan’s victory, chess started to be
played in all Armenian families. This interesting phenomenon could not
but have results, which we could evidence in almost twenty-four years
after, when the team of Armenian men chess players became the Olympic
Champion. Today we can proudly declare that Armenia is a motherland
of double Olympic Champions. Our chess players almost every month
make success; the latest is Levon Aronyan’s victory in swift chess.

I thank you, dear Levon. Congratulations, but we expect more.

On one occasion Tigran Petrosyan mentioned: "Chess is a game in form,
art in content, science in mastering".

Interesting game, beautiful art and fundamental knowledge should
reign in Jermuk during these days".