Sci-fi thriller on `Jewish support’ of Azerbaijan: Part II

Information-Analytic Agency, Armenia
Aug 7 2009

Sci-fi thriller on `Jewish support’ of Azerbaijan: Part II

14:21 / 08/07/2009
The Azerbaijani website goes on hyping the story about a
number of NGOs that addressed an anti-Armenian message to
U.S. President Barack Obama. The website quotes Azerbaijani
Consul-General in Los Angeles Elin Suleimanov, which gives rise to
suspicions concerning the mastermind behind the poorly planned shady
information enterprise.

Specifically, the Azerbaijani diplomat welcomed the `joint official
message addressed to U.S. President Barack Obama by Azerbaijani,
Turkish and Jewish Diasporan organizations.’ Suleimanov’s speech some
time after the message had been addressed was a well-considered step,
which, as Azeri experts in media techniques believe, was to confirm
the story about the message addressed to President Obama and allegedly
supported by `Jewish Diasporan organizations.’

Yesterday reported that none of Jewish organizations had put
its signature to the document. The only fact supposed to create an
illusion about the Jews’ being interested in the action is a Cultural
Center of Caucasian Jews (CCCJ) indicated in the letter. In any case,
the list does not contain the names of any other Jewish
organizations. A representative of Armenia’s civil sector, who is in
close touch with South Caucasian NGOs, told NEWS am that the CCCJ is
headquartered in Baku. It has about ten members residing in the
Azerbaijani capital. They are either Jews or persons of mixed race
(Azeri-Jewish mixed marriages).

`A letter to Obama is information bluff. No Jewish organizations have
signed it. Jews have questions to put to Obama, especially the
community’s influential organizations. Azerbaijan created this
structure to make use of the name of Israel and issue statements on
behalf of the Jews to achieve its own aims,’ the source said.

Suleimanov, who is enthusiastically commenting on the senseless action
‘ which is nothing but a poorly designed scheme ‘ must be one of the
masterminds behind it. Moreover, in a city where Azerbaijan’s
interests are restricted to anti-Armenian propaganda, the Azeri
diplomat is obliged to make up and keep up fictions like that.