Novruz Mamedov: A Cauc conflicts result of superpowers’ competition, Armenia
Aug 8 2009

Novruz Mamedov: South Caucasus conflicts result of superpowers’
competing interests

19:12 / 08/08/2009It is the competing interests of the leading world
powers that caused long-lasting conflicts in the region, Novruz
Mamedov, Head of the International Relations Department, Azerbaijani
presidential administration, stated today. According to him, the
world’s leading powers wish peace for the region in their own
interests, `but, unfortunately, it is the states’ interests that
caused long-lasting conflicts in the region as well.’

He pointed out the sides’ specific approaches to the settlement of the
Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. `Azerbaijan aims its efforts to reconcile
the interests for the problem to be resolved in our country’s national
interests,’ Mamedov said.

He pointed out the importance of RF Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s
statements on the Nagorno-Karabakh problem made in Ankara. `This
indicates that Russia is for the settlement of conflicts in the
Caucasus,’ Mamedov said. According to him, the world’s leading states
have focused their attention on the South Caucasus due to its
geostrategic location. Conflicts affect the cooperation with the
countries’ of the region, which is the reason for Russia’s being for
the settlement of the Caucasian conflicts, Mamedov said.