Bryza: Armenia, Azerbaijan Turkey have historical chance to improve

Matthew Bryza: Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey have an historical chance
to improve relations
08.08.2009 16:36

Within the frameworks of `Euro forum’ program OSCE Minsk Group American
Co-Chair Matthew Bryza met with Armenian and European students in
Tsakhkadzor. During the meeting he spoke about regional and bilateral
issues, and then he replied the questions of participants and

For the first he informed that he is ending his mission as the
assistant of U.S. Deputy Secretary of State. Then Bryza said that on
September he will pay another visit to the region. Speaking about the
criticism and mistrustfulness towards the USA and Minsk Group as if
they are trying to exert pressure on the sides to do concessions,
American Co-Chair said he is surprised.

`OSCE Minsk Group dealing with NKR conflict settlement cannot exert
pressures on Armenia or Azerbaijan,’ OSCE MG American Co-Chair Matthew
Bryza announced. `As mediators, we can only propose several variants
for conflict settlement. Decisions are taken by conflicting parties.
What mediators want is peace, which cannot be achieved without any
concessions by either of the parties. It is now important to find a
balance between the two basic principles, i.e. territorial integrity
and nation’s right to self-determination. Nagorno Karabakh should
certainly have its status which will be determined through referendum.
Such requirement is included in Madrid Principles,’ American diplomat

`To avoid military operations, we also insist that thunder runs be
withdrawn. To discuss possibilities of concluding peace agreement, we
have to wait several months till negotiations are over,’ Bryza
stressed. ‘Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey have an historical chance to
improve relations,’ Bryza concluded.