BAKU: Azerbaijanis In Georgia Say Armenians Resort To Provocation


Aug 7 2009

Azerbaijanis living in Georgia says that Armenians began provocation
on anniversary of August events.

"Armenians living in Kvemo Kartli state that water line of the village
Damia is blocked. Despite the Armenian village of Damia is meant
for 170 families, roughly 70 families live there. Authorities of the
region got familiar with water reserves in the village and found out
that there in a storage of 200 tons now. Nobody blocked water. It is
Armenians’ another provocation," Chairman of Geyret People’s Movement
of Georgian Azerbaijanis Alibala Asgarov said.

Recently Armenian villages of Kvemo-Kartli region of Georgia sent an
appeal to political and social elite of Armenia. They complained
of anti-Armenian policy in Georgia and aggressive attitude of

Complaints said the water line in the village Damia is blocked. They
charged Georgian and Azerbaijani officials with this problem. Armenians
living in Georgia, asked the Armenian authorities to keep a close
eye on the current situation in Kvemo Kartli where Armenians live.

Hostilities were launched in the territory of unrecognized republic of
South Ossetia on August 8, 2008. Georgian troops entered the capital
of South Ossetia – Tskhinvali. Afterwards, Russian troops occupied
the city and drove Georgian military men back to Georgia. Russia
recognized independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, official parts
of Georgia on August 26 and established diplomatic relations with
them on September 9.

Asgarov said Armenian villages in Kvemo Kartli are situated in isolated
mountaineous territory. There are no Azerbaijani settlements near them.

"Large water storage has been built in every Armenian village with
the help of international donor organizations. Moreover, irrigation
system of Azerbaijani villages stretches through the Armenian villages
which creates a problem in irrigation," chairman of the movement said.

He explained activity of Armenians with upcoming anniversary of August
events. "Armenians want to be at the center of the anniversary of
the August events. They think that the Azerbaijan-Georgia unity is
strengthened and force Armenians out the territory. It is a lie. It is
typical Armenian illness. Provocation runs in their blood. Armenian
provocation is a protest against the Georgia-Azerbaijan solidarity
", he said.

Asgarov said that despite Georgian Azerbaijanis have serious problems
with drinking water, they did not apply to state agencies. "Roughly 55
of 60 villages of Marneuli region where Azerbaijanis live are short of
drinking water. We do not apply to official agencies, because global
warming is the cause. We do not politicize this problem", Asgarov said.

According to unofficial reports, roughly 500,000 Azerbaijanis live
in Georgia mainly in Kvemo Kartli (Borchali). Georgians make up 70
percent of population. Roughly 380,000 Armenians, 350,000 Azerbaijanis,
207,000 Russian, 150,000 Ossetians, 100,000 Abkhazians, 80,000 Greeks
(80 thousand), as well as Kurds, Assyrians, Udine, Avars and Kistins
live in Georgia.