Armenia Would Be In A State Of War Should Georgia’s Plan Not Fail In


07.08.2009 16:28 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Last year’s August events in Georgia showed the true
position of interested parties, politologist Sergey Shakaryants told a
news conference in Yerevan. According to him, Georgian-Russian conflict
played a crucial role for Armenia. "I thought that NKR conflict
settlement will serve a sa precedent to other unacknowledged states
of Transcaucasia, but the opposite happened," Armenian politologist
said, stressing that even unacknowledged states like Abkhazia and
South Ossetia were acknowledged, still, NKR was not.

According to Sergey Shakaryants, Azerbaijan was preparing a war
against Armenia along with Georgia, yet Russia’s actions frustrated
it plans. "Armenia would be in a state of war should Georgia’s plan
not fail in 2008," he said, adding that last year Azerbaijan thrice
attempted attacks on NKR, yet the attempts were frustrated thanks to
NKR forces.

On August 8, during the night and early morning, Georgia launched a
military offensive to surround and capture the capital of separatist
Republic of South Ossetia, Tskhinvali thus breaking the terms of the
1992 ceasefire and crossing into the security zone established therein.

The heavy shelling, which included Georgian rockets being fired into
South Ossetia left parts of the capital city in ruins, causing a
humanitarian crisis.

Russia sent troops across the Georgian border, into South Ossetia. In
five days of fighting, the Russian forces captured the regional
capital Tskhinvali, pushed back Georgian troops, and largely destroyed
Georgia’s military infrastructure using airstrikes deep inside the
smaller country’s territory.

On August 12, Russian President Medvedev said that he had ordered
an end to military operations in Georgia. Later on the same day,
Russian president Medvedev approved a six-point peace plan brokered by
President-in-Office of the European Union, Nicolas Sarkozy, in Moscow;
both sides were to sign it by the 17th.

On August 27, President Medvedev of the Russian Federation signed
two Presidential decrees recognizing the Republic of Abkhazia and
the Republic of South Ossetia as sovereign independent states to
authorize the drafting of treaties of friendship, cooperation and
mutual assistance with the new states.