Serzh Sargsyan: "Armenia Always To Support The Armenian Organization


AUGUST 6 2009

Armenia will always support the Armenian organizations functioning
in Diaspora. RA President Serzh Sargsyan stated it, receiving
the delegation of the Armenian General Athletic Union on August 5,
which has arrived to Armenia to participate in the games of Armenian
General Athletic Union which are conducted in Armenia for the first
time and run August 1-8. "Capacities of the Republic of Armenia will
be constantly growing and in parallel with that we will be working to
increase our participation, because we are confident that Diaspora is
Armenia’s strength, and Armenia is Diaspora’s strength. Together with
Diaspora Armenia is a nation of ten millions, which has resources,
great possibilities and a wish to create a small but very beautiful
and developed country," S.

Sargsyan said.

The President of Armenia attached importance to the fact that regular
games of the Armenian General Athletic Union this year, for the
first time are being conducted in Armenia. "It looks like Armenia
is hosting more and more all-Armenian events each year. And this is
one of the best ways to strengthen the Armenia-Diaspora relations,
support the preservation of the Armenian identity, and achieve one
of our most desirable goals – our unity," he noted.

S. Sargsyan noted with satisfaction that this year differs from
the others both in the quantity of all-Armenian events and their
quality. "A few days ago, I met with our young compatriots who arrived
to Armenia in the framework of Come Home program. Just in a couple
of days All-Armenian football and basketball championships which will
attract almost 700 participants are launched in Armenia. Today, I am
meeting with you to discuss the process of HOMENETMEN games, which
will be attended, as I know, by 450 athletes from all continents and
many of our compatriots," the President said.

Serzh Sargsyan considered inspiring the fact that the participants
of the games are young people, for whom this period can become
an important opportunity to get acquainted with their motherland,
make friends with their contemporaries and make some relations. "I
wish you all success, to all the participants of the games. However,
on such occasions I like to say once more that it is not the athletic
results that are important but the fact that thousands of people have
come to Armenia, many of which may be haven’t been here before and that
this is a very good opportunity to feel the power of our motherland,
to see the life-giving source that has been nourishing and maintaining
our people for millennia. In my opinion, it is more important than any
athletic achievement. That cognition can become an important factor
for the preservation of the Armenian identity which every one of our
compatriots should receive from very Armenia," S. Sargsyan stressed.

Noting, that for centuries Armenia has been and continues to be
the haven of all-Armenian dreams, the President of Armenia said,
"And it should be, as Armenia is the key to mysterious Armenian
identity. There is no alternative.

Unanimity and unity during calamities and aftermath disappear in
time. I have stated on a number of occasions that the time has come
for Armenia-centered Diaspora. The Armenian nation has its own
independent state which will become the beacon to lead us toward
future. I am confident that in organization of all-Armenian events,
resolution for Diaspora problems and, preservation and development of
the Armenian type in general, the role of our state, its participation,
and leadership will be growing each year."

According to the Press and Information Departement of RA President,
the President touched upon at the meeting the current developments of
the negotiations on the Nagorno Karabakh conflict settlement as well
as the process of improvement of the Armenian-Turkish relations. He
said that the Armenian side continues presenting itself in the
negotiations within the framewrok of three main principles of the
conflict settlement: affirmantion of the NKR status, land link with
Armenia, and strict guarantees for the NKR security.

In S. Sargsyan’s words, any negotiated proposal for the resolution
will be presented to the political forces and the public at large
for a comprehensive discussion and the final decision will be made

In response to the issue relating to the Armenian-Turkish dialogue,
Serzh Sargsyan stressed once more that settlement of relations without
preconditions is spoken about.