Hatred For The Armenians Will Lead Baku To Nothing Good


04.08.2009 GMT+04:00

It is no longer a secret that the highest echelons of Azerbaijan
"lack understanding" of what exactly the President wants.

What Ilham Aliyev has been able to do during the six years of his
presidency is the instillation of zoological hatred for the Armenians
in the Azeri population. It is done purposefully so that no one would
ever doubt who is the real enemy of the Caucasian Tatars, who call
themselves Azerbaijanis and copy the history of the whole region in
favor of the ambitions of the Aliyev clan.

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ One cannot say that this campaign has begun only
recently: Ilham Aliyev simply continues the work of his father,
who devoted all his life and activity to the extermination of the
Armenian cultural and physical presence in the Soviet Socialist
Republic of Azerbaijan.

Reading over the Azeri press, you arrive at the conclusion that this
country is in no way interested in anything else but Armenia. Any
information from any part of the world is brought into connection
with "insidious" Armenians. All this would be ridiculous, but for one
circumstance: population of the neighbouring republic is intensely
prepared for a war, which, in the words of Ilham Aliyev, can break out
at any moment, since "the patience of the Azerbaijani people is not
limitless". It’s true that Aliyev has been repeating this sentence
for three years already, but now the matter seems to take a serious
turn. It is no longer a secret that the highest echelons of Azerbaijan
"lack understanding" of what exactly the President wants. On the one
hand he makes declarative statements on the return of Karabakh at any
price, on the other hand expresses desire to, even so, continue the
negotiations. But in order the Aliyev clan would continue to reign in
the form of its sultanate, it is necessary that people be kept in the
state of constant hysteria. And the best object for this purpose are
the Armenians. The clan knows well that as soon as the anti-Armenian
hysteria ceases, the population of Azerbaijan will see in what a
beggarly state it lives. In fact, all praises about the beauty of Baku
and its dynamic development are nothing else but empty words. Here
they can reproach us on the fact that we have not been to Baku and
it’s not us who can judge it. We, certainly, have not been there,
but based on some ‘unpaid’ commentaries we can see in what need our
neighbours live, in spite of having hydrocarbons reserves.

And if we comment on the possible war, we must admit that the thirst
for revenge may bring some success to the Azerbaijani army, but only
in the first stage. And the success, in our view, will consist in the
fact that the valiant Azeri army will not immediately run away from the
battlefield. The blitzkrieg, so much dreamt in Baku, will fail, and the
matter is not only the Armenian army, which, irrespective of the number
and armor of the Azeri armed forces, will not return a single inch of
earth. Aliyev will at best suffer the same fate as Mikhail Saakashvili,
who so poorly began and lost the "reestablishment of constitutional
order" in the territory of Tbilisi. But there exists also the worst
version for the clan: renunciation of the West from all gas projects
connected with Azerbaijan. And it is appropriate here to speak of the
first alarming bell that has already rang for Baku: the position of
Turkmenistan on the status of the Caspian Region. Ashgabat accuses
Azerbaijan of misappropriation of oil-gas fields in the central part
of the Caspian Sea. President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov
ordered to address the international experts and high-degree lawyers to
learn the Azerbaijan’s claims over the disputed fields in the Caspian
Sea and legality of the foreign oil-gas companies’ operation in those
fields and then to send the documents to the International Court of
Arbitration. "Such unilateral actions in the Caspian, particularly
exploration of the fields without the agreement of the interested
parts are unacceptable for Turkmenistan. Based on the principles
of the international cooperation, Turkmenistan brought the disputed
territories on the agenda of the Turkmen-Azerbaijani negotiations,
but there was no agreement. The existent situation is delaying the
exploitation of the natural resources of the Turkmen shelf of the
Caspian, implementation of the important programs for the economic
development of the region and protection of the environmental welfare
of the sea and coastal areas," declared!

the Pres No matter how hard Baku propaganda and agitation section
tries to disavow the statement of Ashgabat and its intention to turn
to the International Court of Justice, it is possible to definitely
say that Aliyev has run into serious difficulties. Let us also add
that the initiators of Nabucco are more interested in the Turkmen gas,
than in the Azerbaijani. And if it is actually so, chances of Baku
for normal cooperation in natural gas projects and an acceptable for
it settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh problem is put off into a very
distant future, or, even, into eternity. This is how matters stand,
and Baku knows it better than Yerevan….