Ergenekon Indictment Lists Alleged Plans To Kill Armenians


2009/08 /07 | 12:57


The third indictment presented to the Istanbul 13th High Criminal Court
on Wednesday includes plans to assasinate the Armenian Patriarchate
of Istanbul, other community leaders as well as Nobel Prize writer
Orhan Pamuk.

Alevi and Kurdish leaders are also listed as targets for the Ergenokon
group now on trial for conspiracy to overthrow the Turkish government
or obstructing it in carrying out its duties.

According to bianet news retired general Veli Kucuk, defendant in the
first Ergenekon case, has been found to have frequently spoken on the
phone to Fatma Cengiz, defendant in the third Ergenekon trial. Kucuk
said, "I am the first president of an organisation formed against
the Armenians" and "There is a duty; Armenians must be killed."

An attack against Minas Durmazguler in Sivas was prevented when suspect
Oðuz Bulut was caught with two hand grenades and Ersin Gonenci with
a Browning.

A "terrorisation" plan found with defendant Þahin contained detailed
plans of the home of Armenian Patriarch Mutafyan as well as the
Patriarchate. The attacks were supposed to use light anti-tank weapons
(LAW), so the indictment. A police officer named Kenan Temur was
supposed to head the operation, while Fatma Cengiz was supposed to
procure weapons and a Yaþar Oðuz Þahin was supposed to act as lookout.