Child Birth Rate Increased In State

14:00 04/08/2009

The rate of child birth has been increased by 6.9% during first
six months of the year. According to Armenian Statistical Service 19
thousand 672 children were born this year, while in the previous year –
18 thousand 409 children.

Karine Kuyumjyan of the statistical service told that
7475 girls and 8688 boys were born in from January to May. The most
common names given to the newborns are Ani and Narek.

It is said that 290 newborn girls are called Ani and 471 –
Narek. According to the official source the following names, Milena,
Elen, Mariam, Mane, Anahit, Anna, Lilit and Mary, have high rating
also. Regarding the boys the most given names are Davit, Gor, Arman,
Erik, Tigran, Samvel and Armen.