Turkey Discusses Kurdish Issue


04.08.2009 14:41 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ This past weekend, the Police Academy in Ankara
opened its doors to host a workshop where those interested in finding
a solution to the Kurdish problem could brainstorm and voice their
ideas. Journalists from Turkey’s major dailies were invited to offer
an opinion on which direction the government should take in finding
a peaceful solution to the issue. Academicians and intellectuals were
also invited to the meeting.

The Interior Minister, Besir Atalay, along with Police Academy
President Zuhtu Arslan and Police Academy Research Centers President
Ihsan Bal were among those present at the discussion.

The workshop was attended by 15 participants and titled, "The Solution
to the Kurdish Question: Toward the Turkish Model." Broken into two
sessions, the first, "The Necessities in the Scope of Process: Method
and Managing" was a discussion on the role of Parliament, political
parties, the importance of public opinion, foreign relations and
possible risks. The second session, "What Should the Democratization
Package Be" was an open forum for participants to converse on different
ideas to solve the Kurdish issue.

In a press conference held on July 29, Atalay had said that the
government was working on a solution to resolve the Kurdish issue
in Turkey and they intended to include all sections of society to
finalize a package plan on how to address the latter issue. The
conference that was held on Saturday was one of the initiatives in
line with solution efforts of the government with civil society and
intellectuals of Turkey.

The President of the Police Academy has stated that similar workshops
will be held in the future, Turkish Weekly reported.