MP Hovhannes Margaryan Says RA President Conducts Constructive Polic


Aug 3, 2009

YEREVAN, AUGUST 3, ARMENPRESS: President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan
conducts a constructive policy in the Nagorno Karabakh conflict
regulation issue and it corresponds to the principles of the Orinats
Yerkir Party, member of the parliamentary faction of the party
Hovhannes Margaryan said today at a press conference. According to him,
in the Karabakh conflict regulation issue the Armenian president will
not undertake any anti-Armenian step.

"In Karabakh conflict the party highlights three main principles –
NK self-determination, direct land communication with Armenia and
security guarantees by the international establishments. In all these
principles the president is successive and we defend and accept the
policy conducted by him," H. Margaryan said.

As to the mutual concessions in the conflict regulation process, he
noted that in case in any document it will be registered clearly what
for what will be conceded it will be possible to give comments. "It
is difficult for me to say what must be conceded but I am sure that
whatever decision the president will make it will stem from the
interests of peoples of NKR and Armenia," H. Margaryan said.

Referring to the process of regulation of Armenian-Turkish relations,
H. Margaryan said that there is a progress in small but clear steps. "I
am an optimist and I think we may witness certain progress," he said,
adding that as to the "football diplomacy" the president has clearly
presented in what conditions he will visit Turkey.

The member of parliament also referred to the recent activity of the
Orinats Yerkir Party. He said he does not agree with the opinion that
during the recent period the party is passive. "We have come forth
with various legislative initiatives and expressed our positions on
a number of important events," H. Margaryan said.