Golden Apricot 2009


Wedne sday, 15 July 2009 05:00

Vartan Oskanian has been Honorary President of the Golden Apricot
Film Festival since the festival’s inception. This year, Mr. Oskanian
presented the special ‘Master’ prize to the renowned American director
Rob Nilsson at the Moscow Cinema on July 14.

"When the organizers of the festival invited me to take on this
duty years ago, I accepted it with pleasure, because I believe that
film is the best medium for dialogue and mutual understanding among
societies," Mr.

Oskanian said in presenting the award. He spoke about Rob Nilsson’s
work as a shining example of the unique character of film. During
the course of a rich career, which included the notable independent
film Northern Lights, Rob Nilsson has helped individuals understand
themselves and societies understand each other.

Rob Nilsson thanked the organizers and said that, although he has
received many prizes, this one from Armenia will hold a special place
in his heart.

"It is an honor for me to receive an award from a country where the
streets are named after poets and authors, where even the currency
bears pictures of writers and painters," he said.

On the following evening, the Civilitas Foundation hosted the
organizers and participants of the festival. Some 100 guests, including
directors, screenwriters and act ors from Japan, Canada, Iran, Turkey,
Austria, the Netherlands, France as well as enjoyed beautiful rooftop
views of the center of Yerevan.