Progression possible without preconditions only

Progression possible without preconditions only
01.08.2009 12:51 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ The problem of the Turkish-Armenian border is
pressing, said Bahaeddin Güngör, head of Deutsche Welle’s Turkish
`On the one hand, Ankara is unwilling to open the border unless Azeri
refugees return to the places of pervious habitation. On the other
hand, an entire eastern region of Turkey remains isolated, thus
damaging Turkish economy,’ he said.
`The arrival of Turkish President in Yerevan last year was the initial
move forward. Armenia’s President has to make the second move. Under
the circumstances, stipulating conditions would be
incorrect. Progression is possible without preconditions only. We can
only hope that Turkey will meet Armenia halfway,’ Mr. Güngör said.
According to him, the two countries could get closer if `Armenia
renounced its territorial claims and did not demand reimbursement for
the 1915 events.’