Eagle Scout Brings Life to Fresno’s Armenian Cemetery

KMPH Fox 26
Aug 2 2009

Eagle Scout Brings Life to Fresno’s Armenian Cemetery

Posted: Aug 2, 2009 02:05 AM EDT
By Winston Whitehurst

A valley teenager brought life back to a Fresno cemetery and earned
his Eagle Scout status.

15-year-old Caz Ashjian has finished his remodel of the Yazijian
Memorial Building at Ararat Armenian Cemetery.

Ashjian and a group of volunteers renovated the 100 year old building
in 30 days, so an on-site manager could help families make funeral

Ashjian earned his Eagle Scout status, and hopes guests will come to
appreciate the hard work.

"I hope they see it makes the cemetery a lot better. It’s a better way
to run the business, and the grass is starting to look greener, and
it’s just helping them all in all," Ashjian said.

The Ararat Cemetery is one of only two Armenian cemeteries in the