Tigran Abgaryan’s Mother On Her Son’s Death


07:29 pm | July 31, 2009 | Politics

The mother of soldier and victim of the events of March 1 Tigran
Abgaryan doesn’t exclude the version that her son may have been killed
by former commander of the police forces Grigor Grigoryan.

"I consider everything possible and can believe in this or that
version. Let them prove it. I have lost my faith in everybody,
starting from the elite until the last soldier who was by my son’s
side at the moment of the murder. I probably have to pack up and sit
near my son’s grave or leave this country, but I can’t go because I
can’t leave my son’s grave," said mother Ruzanna Harutyunyan to "A1+".

According to the version of Tigran’s murder in the presses, on March
1 at around 10 p.m. some soldiers wanted to leave the Paronyan-Leo
intersection and refused to go against the people.

Among them was 18-year old Tigran Abgaryan. According to the version,
former commander of the police forces Grigor Grigoryan rushed to the
soldiers with a gun in his hand. Shots were fired and it soon became
clear that Tigran Abgaryan had been shot in the neck.

Besides this account, the two members of the disbanded Fact-Finding
Group recently released the conclusion of Tigran Abgaryan’s
murder. Tigran Abgaryan’s parents are disabled and are in severe pain
after hearing each release. They were not expecting the release by
Andranik Kocharyan and Seda Safaryan.

"I believe in the report by the Fact-Finding Group. There truly were
many flaws and many questions remain obscure for me," said Tigran’s

Tigran’s parents were not called to the NA ad-hoc committee and the
Special Investigative Service only called them when the 10 murders
of March 1 had been joined to the "Case of Seven".

"What did the murders have to do with the political prisoners? They
were expressing their complaints and wanted a power shift, but they
hadn’t installed marksmen to shoot soldiers."

Despite the Fact-Finding Group’s report, Ruzanna Harutyunyan still
believes in the account that her son was killed by a marksman. Tigran
Abgaryan’s parents call on not turning the 10 murders of March 1 into
a fight for the big chair.

"My husband and I are only living with the hope that we will look
in the eyes of the person who shot our son. We always wake up with
that hope."

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