Azerbaijan’s Territorial Integrity Is Not Mentioned In Madrid Princi


31.07.2009 18:35 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ "All through the course of negotiations Madrid
principles could be viewed as a sign of progress, compared with other
documents on NKR conflict settlement. Still, it doesn’t mean there
are no negative sides to those principles," civil society development
committee chairman at RA Public Council, Candidate of Philosophical
Sciences Hovhannes Hovhannesyan said.

Among positive sides, Hovhannesyan noted, is that Azerbaijan’s
territorial integrity is not mentioned in Madrid principles, as
Co-Chairs realized that the principle can’t be applied in conflict
settlement. He emphasized the positive fact of NKR status determination
via free will expression, through plebiscite or referendum. According
to Hovhannesyan, Azeri part presented distorted facts and off-the-point
comments while translating the document.

Madrid principles are unacceptable for Armenia, as the main burden of
concessions is loaded on Armenia’s shoulders. "Madrid principles do
not state NKR should yield the territories, still in my opinion, it
wasn’t Artsakh who occupied Azeri territories, but just the opposite,
Azerbaijan is still occupying NKR territories," Hovhannesyan noted.