First Day Of Beitedin Festival Is Guy Manoukian’s, He Will Perform W


Noyan Tapan
July 30, 2009

of Lebanese Armenian famous composer of songs, pianist Guy Manoukian
which was released on June 15 is the first in Lebanon since the day
of its release and during a month it has already managed to get a
golden color in the whole Middle East. According to Radio Liberty, it
is Guy Manoukian’s new, 6th album. It will be officially presented in
Europe on August 3 and will be sold under the title Vibes (Tremolos).

"My new album is called Assouman, it is a Persian word and means
"clear sky". I have been working at it for two years, it is my best
work ever, half of the album is my typical style, that is, the East
meets West with a modern twist, the other half of the album is more
international. My music is not pure Arabic, it is an unique mixture,
new sounds, there are Persian and Arabic, Chaldean and Assyrian
sounds," Guy Manoukian said at the Asia Uncat TV show.

The Armenian composer calls his music Lebanese and explains how that
unique and new sound appeared: "I was born and grew up in Lebanon
and when you live in Lebanon you deal with music and culture of
different nations from all sides. I have studied classical music
since my childhood, I have also listened to French songs, as it is a
French-speaking country, then I have also listened to English songs on
radio… Growing up in Lebanon made me what I am now in music. That is
why I call my music Lebanese which is a mixture of Eastern and Western
music and it is more than a simple mixture, it is something new."

Like his music includes numerous elements of different cultures, Guy
Manoukian himself also has numerous talents: he is a composer, pianist
and also a basketball-player and a lawyer with higher education.

However, he owned up at the interview with Asia Uncat that he considers
music to be a way of living: "Playing basketball, law and music create
my musical career… In basketball you learn to play in a team, you
learn to trust people. Now I have my group and I work with them in
the same way as a trainer with a basketball team, and it helps me a
lot. And when you study law you begin to separate the true from the
wrong and you become a more practical person. I am an artist but I am
not among the artists who are isolated from life and I think that all
these things complement each other and promote my music in some way."

A week after presenting his new album in Europe, on August 9, Guy
Manoukian will take part in the greatest Beitedin festival of the
Middle East held in Lebanon which was launched on July 2 this year and
consolidates such famous names as Charles Aznavour and film director
Emir Kusturica with his No Smoking unique band.

One day of the festival, August 9 is Guy Manoukian’s. He will perform
with Armenian Philharmony Orchestra.

"In my career as a musician of the Middle East it is one of the
greatest achievements that a musician can have. I will perform to
the accompaniment of Yerevan Philharmony Orchestra and Mario Reyes
from the Gypsy Kings group and it is really very inspiring for me,"
Guy Manoukian said at the Asia Uncat TV show.