Serzh Sargsyan: The Officer Staff Is The Backbone Of Any Army

Marianna Gyurjyan

30.07.2009 16:00

The solemn graduation ceremony of students of the military educational
establishments took place at the Republic Square today. This year
the ceremony overlapped with the 15th anniversary of the Military
Institute after Vazgen Sargsyan. The alumnae received their diplomas
from the top leadership of the republic.

The Catholicos of All Armenians Garegin II and President Serzh Sargsyan
delivered congratulatory speeches.

"In a few days this year’s alumnae will start the hard but honorable
page of their biography. Believe that the issues of improvement
of the army, social security of Officers and their families will
remain a priority for the government. The first military educational
establishments were founded on the hard days of formation of a regular
army, when military actions were under way. Today we can state with
confidence that all military educational establishments have become
centers preparing skilled specialists. They have rich opportunities
and an experienced faculty and command," President Serzh Sargsyan
noted in his speech.

"The Armenian army is ready to continue its sacred mission, to remain
a reliable guarantee of security of our state and people. Our army
is strong and capable of solving any problem, and the Officer staff
is the backbone of any army," Serzh Sargsyan concluded.