President Of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan: They That Take The Sword Shall


2009-07-30 15:09:00

ArmInfo. The graduated students of military establishments will launch
their difficult but honorable duties of an officer in a few days and
will join those who are providing security of Armenia on the front
line, President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan declared ay the military
parade in Yerevan on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Vazgen
Sargsyan Military Institute on Thursday.

The president highlighted that the first military educational
establishments in Armenia were founded in the hard times of army
formation during military actions. "Now we can say with confidence that
all the military educational establishments in Armenia are centers
for training professional specialists with support of experienced
officers and rich educational and technical capabilities.

The president underlined that improvement of the army, replenishment of
the officers’ staff, social protection of officers and their families
will be the prior task of the government also in future. "Army is
powerful by its officers. The efficiency of troops depends on the
professional training, human and moral characteristics of officers. The
Armenian Armed Forces have repeatedly proved their high military
experience and will in boundary protection, during military exercises
and peacemaking missions", the president said. He is sure that the
Armenian army will remain a reliable guard of security of our country
and people as well as permanent component of stability and security
in the region. "We are strong today as never before. Our army is
powerful and modern able to settle any problem. The Armenian Army have
successfully passed testing in war time and in peace becoming the image
of the victory of the Armenian people". The president highlighted the
phrase from the Bible: ""For all they that take the sword shall perish
with the sword". The truth of these words was proved by the best sons
of our people, our generation, my generation. Let no one doubt that
the same will take place again if need arises," the president said.

Addressing new officers of the Armenian army Serzh Sargsyan said:
"Starting from today you are the image of the powerful and disciplined
Armenian army".

The president congratulated the officers on the 15th anniversary of
Vazgen Sargsyan Military Institute and wished both the officers and
the whole staff of the Armenian army to maintain honorary image of
Armenian officers.