Will Turkey Pass From Words To Deeds In The Near Future?

Lena Badeyan

29.07.2009 17:59

It turns out that the world had not provided Turkey with unlimited time
to thing over the normalization of the Armenian-Turkish relations. The
deadline grows closer, and it is evidenced by Armenia’s harsh position.

"Armenia states very clearly that this semi-deceptive, semi-
propagandistic process can substitute a real process. I think that
in the near future we should witness such steps," President of the
European Integration NGO Karen Bekaryan told a press conference today.

Karen Bekaryan assures that Turkey need the relations with Armenia no
less than us. First of all, it is the first precondition for knocking
at the door of the European Union.

Karen Bekaryan predicts that in a short period of time it will
become clear whether there will be a pass from words to deeds or
not. According to him, it’s Turkey that has found itself in a hard
situation. The expert predicts a two-month break in the process of
settlement of the Karabakh issue connected with the change of the
two mediators.

The expert refrained from predicting what changes are expected in
the negotiation process after the change of the co-chairs. However,
he compared it with the change of lawyers in order to win time.