NKR: Conference On Agricultural Issues


NKR Government Information and Public Relations Department
July 27, 2009

Today, a conference with heads of village communities and
agriculturists participated by NKR Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan,
Minister of Agriculture Armo Tsatryan, Deputy Minister Vladimir
Chakiyan, head of Martakert regional administration Sergey Ohanyan,
was conducted in Martakert. Issues on state of agriculture, raising
the land cultivation level and those connected with the harvest of
cereals in Martakert region were discussed.

Artyusha Ghoukasyan, head of the Department of Agriculture, Land
Surveying and Land Use of the regional administration, presented brief
information on the harvesting process and tillage. The NKR Minister of
Agriculture Armo Tsatryan spoke on the requirements, the fulfillment
of which will contribute to the development of agriculture.

The NKR Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan delivered a comprehensive
speech round the problems originated in the sphere of agriculture. He,
particularly, noted that the results recorded in this sphere, which
are, first of all, a consequence of land cultivation low standards are
not satisfying ones. The Prime Minister stated that only the farmers
implementing correct and efficient cultivation of arable lands will
be provided government assistance.